Louisiana Farmer’s Market

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This Easter weekend Mom and I headed downtown for the farmer’s market – seriously my favorite thing to do on a beautiful Saturday morning. Luckily there was an art market this last week too! I took a couple of pictures … Continue reading

Lytro Camera

Okay get ready for this – there is a camera out there that allows you to take living pictures! So you can change the focus of the image with the touch of your finger either on the Lytro camera viewer or on your computer once it’s uploaded. TheĀ  Lytro team has changed the way consumers will interact with photography. While the Lytro camera starts at $399, I have a feeling this will be more of a personal use camera. Too bad because it would be fun to play with for work! I haven’t done enough research, but this looks like a really awesome camera.

I embedded one of their images so give it a click and see how easily it switches between focusing on the foreground or background. There’s more on their website too.

This camera is seriously cool!!