Workout: Booty-fied!

Hello all!

Sorry for the hiatus last week, but I’m back! I stumbled upon a great combination of squats, weights and the elliptical machine last night that left my backside feeling the burn.

Part 1:

Weighted Squats (10 lbs.)

Weighted Lunges (2- 10 lb weights)

Jumping Squats (no weights)

[Believe me by this one you’ll be thanking Jesus I left the weights off this one]

Side Twist (10 lbs.)

[It’s been about a week since I’ve hit the gym this hard and thought my legs could use little break in between reps]

10 reps each x 4 rounds

If your legs aren’t feeling it by round 4 – I would add a little more weight.

After the fourth round I walked a couple of laps and stretched out my legs.

Part 2:

The Elliptical Machine

I put it on the glutes setting for 15 minutes, which is basically level 3 on an 85% incline with 1 minute spurts of level 6 on a 100% incline. I made sure to keep a steady pace the whole time (mainly because I thought I’d fall off the machine if I slowed down, my legs were feeling really out of shape last night).


30 Minute High Intensity

This is a two round workout, may I suggest a quick lap or two around the track to get your heart rate up!

Round 1: Arms

  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Bench push ups

We did three sets of 10 each. (Let me tell you – your arms will feel a bit like jello after this round. Listen to your body I couldn’t complete the third set of push ups so I moved to the ground and did “girl push ups” with my knees on the ground.

Round 2: Lower Body/Cardio

  • Walking lunges
  • High knees
  • Quick jump (pick a line to follow and jump back and forth crossing it each time)
  • Side steps

We did two sets of these while walking one stretch between each exercise and walking one lap in between the sets. (Again lower body a bit like jello.) Again listen to your body I have weak ankles so I took it slow on the last lap of high knees. Remember breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth! I find it helps me push my self too.

[A little background: my gym’s track is more like a round square so each stretch is even and 12 laps = 1 mile.]

I’m a huge advocate for concentrating on total body workouts and not spot training, but I will tell you that I already feeling it in my triceps, shoulders, butt, inner thigh and outer thigh. This is sure to give you that jello feeling!

(I highly recommend stretching after every workout. I am in no way an expert this is just a suggestion, but I always feel better after stretching.)

Hope you like this workout!


Today’s workout: RUN-A-THON!

This is a great way to tighten everything – I seriously felt like I pushed every muscle with this workout.

Side note: At my gym 12 laps = 1 mile and we kept up a pretty fast paced job the entire time to burn the maximum calories in the shortest amount of time. This workout took about 40 minutes to complete (give or take a minute).


run 6 laps

walk 2 laps

run 5

walk 2

run 4

walk 2

run 3

walk 2 (believe me you’ll want that second lap)

sprint 1 (run all out as fast as you can)

walk 1

sprint 1 more (I used this lap to push myself as to run as fast as I could go – believe me you’ll feel rewarded once you cross that line)